jamie oliver

i love jamie oliver.  john and i have been watching his new tv show, Food Revolution (is built to be suspenseful and have a dramatic arc in an annoying tv way, but is still pretty fun to watch) which inspired me to make us fresh pasta for dinner.   it was a hilarious mess and very delicious.  lesson learned: do not bother with elegant bowl made of flour containing 6 eggs unless are willing to lose 2 eggs over the edge of the counter.   (also, watched his TED talk today in avoidance of cleaning room.)


  1. I am always so jealous of your guys' kitchen. I've been cooking a lot too - tonight made a pretty basic pasta sauce - but put all these vegetables in it like leeks and shallots and carrots [and anchovies, thinking of your Nana] and it turned out amazing. Also recently made onion soup [which is made with beef stock and you couldn't eat] and this amazing fish stew with mussels, scallops, shrimp and monkfish. Yum!

  2. oh, i'm really hungry and everything sounds soo good! wish i could come eat your anchovy sauce, yum! fish stew has always intimidated me, do send recipe!