at walgreens

hee hee.


isabelle arsenault

oh la la, lovely illustrations.  
website here.

late night internet pep talks

"So: SACK UP, is what we are saying. THERE'S NO CRYING IN PUBLISHING. Go out there with your fabulous selves, and own that shit. OWN IT. LOVE YOURSELF. Own how awesome you are, and how brave, every last one of you. Fuck a bunch of form letters. You're a fucking WRITER.
And don't forget: PROOFREAD."
found: here
(reminder to self for future rejection sad moments.)

(also, sorry i missed your call yesterday- and sorry you are sick!  my phone did not tell me you called.  talk tom?)



hmmm...  a place full of photos of amazing things?!  i think i like it.  have you heard of pinterest.com?  (yes that's button garland and a cake!!!)