mini grey

I read about her online and got some of her books out of the library.  These images are from Egg Drop.  I really like the drawing, painting and collage thing she manages to pull off.


is grand.  transplanted beets and weeded for awhile today, can't wait to show you my garden!

i feel like the potatoes and other root vegetables are kind of scandalous when shown like this.  it's like having xray vision and looking at someone's underwear. 
i found this image here:  http://www.gardenrant.com/my_weblog/


who knew the post office was so cool???

I was looking up the price of first class stamps [because I cannot keep up with how fast it changes] and found these stamps. Aren't they cool?


shit my kid ruined

this site has some pretty funny photos:  http://shitmykidsruined.tumblr.com/

i want this


lost and found

did you know about this?


i want to see it!!!


This is from Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.
Made me think of you!


drawing and cooking!

oh gosh, soo funny, just look at that poor sheep!  more here.  we  should both do one! 


day 2 report

shamefully, nothing done.
i did draw [as a distraction! which is so so ironic]


day 2, eehhhh

came up with a goofy story which is basically ripping off don't let the pigeon drive the bus.  oh well,  maybe it can go somewhere.   here's mo willems, he seems like a great guy:  mo willems video

1st report

I did not finish my first story yesterday.
I got as far as figuring out who the story was about [monkey] and what it was about [adventure,] but then specifics of plot completely eluded me. [I guess I really should have been researching during the month of April.]
Will try better today.

And off to the races! [Did you know the derby was yesterday? I had completely forgotten until I kept running into people in nice hats on the subway.]


7 books in 7 days

starts today! But I realized that I am too harebrained to register on that website and follow all the rules, so I think I am just going to share my progress with you here.
Ready. Set. Go.