herve tullet

have you seen these books?  brilliant!  so much fun!

here's some images from inside the book with a hole:



Isn't this so lovely?!  It's from a 1960's guide to swimming safety that I found in a free box this weekend.

Hm...I think I just realized what's wrong with my life... I haven't been swimming in ages!  I need to remedy this... will keep you posted.

on being lumpy and wandery and eating well

Author Gary Shteyngart takes long ambling walks to eat good food and look at the city. 

He says: "NO HURRY I take it very easy. There’s no need to rush — I get up around 11."  and  " These Sunday walks are actually much more helpful to my writing than almost anything else." 

read the whole article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/22/nyregion/for-gary-shteyngart-hunting-food-and-ideas-on-sundays.html


maurice sendak in PA

Did you know this museum in philadelphia has most of sendak's original art?  including this mural.  let's go to there.