tao nyeu

i know we've talked about her before. but i just love her work!
the balloon journey might be my favorite.


I went to BN today to look at graphic design and typeface books for inspirations for my letterpress class and could not help, but look at illustration books as well.
One of the people I've found is Daniel Egneus - Swedish, of course! [What is with me and Sweden? It's a magical country for me it seems!]
More of his work here.
[Also note the website design - I like!]


re: below

because i am super nerdy:

you can view my super dorky comment at the bottom of page.


craig thompson

do you like him?  we can go see him if you want.
from his blog:
"I’ll be doing an “artist demo” at the Portland Art Museum on June 19th, 2-4pm.
It’s all part of the museum’s summer-long exhibition of Robert Crumb’s Illustrated GENESIS. For those in town, I’ll be drawing live and projected while simultaneously giving a talk."

i love this little guy

from here

and this i'd like to own!

from here

i want to do this!

sketchbook project

want to help me pick a theme?
i am debating between:

in flight
a record year for rainfall
dirigibles and submersibles



anna nemoy

(ok, last post tonight.  i will stop surfing internet soon.  at least i hope so.)  go here to see more lovely photos by this gal.


when you are here we have to take some jumping photos, please!
it's a flickr group found here.

mouse mat

oh my gosh!  seriously?! 
found here.