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picture book marathon.

I just signed up for a picture book marathon.   It starts on Feb. 1 and lasts a month!  I know you're too busy in school to try it but the website has some good writing tips and brainstorm ideas.


Gives joyful childhood

I found this for sale in my wanderings around town yesterday.  Yes, it does say, "Gives joyful childhood which children never obliterates."  Pretty amazing, no?!

There's Going to Be a Baby!

Have you seen this yet?  It's really lovely.  And written by John Burningham!  And illustrated by Helen Oxenbury (who is also brilliant and married to John Burningham!)  Be sure to read it next time you are at a book store. 

Toshiyuki Fukuda

lots and lots more here.


Kveta Pacovska

 She is in her eighties!!!  can't find much about her online. 

Polly Dunbar has the fanciest webpage ever!

see it in action here.