kid lit documentary

hmm.  Somehow I don't like seeing all these authors on video.  It's a bit like seeing photos of your favorite NPR reporter.  (See trailer here.)


c and i took a long walk last week.  we discovered this amazing sign.  isn't it great?!


banjo piggies

we also should do this one.


we should do this

"Am I eligible to enter?

The Exhibition is open to:
- illustrators, including professionals and newcomers, submitting unpublished works or works published in the last two years
- art colleges submitting projects produced by their students in the last two years of study
- publishers presenting their illustrators

How do I take part?

Send by 1 October 2010
  • application form;
  • 5 original illustrations (fixed number), unpublished or published after 1 January 2009, in black and white or colour, produced using any technique, including computer graphics (in case of mixed technique, please send both original drawings and printouts of the ultimate artwork). Artwork previously submitted to the Exhibition may not be re-entered. The illustrations must be based on the same theme and must be numbered from 1 to 5 (labels enclosed) in the desired order. The number of illustrations (5) is mandatory. Submissions of any other number of works will be rejected."

A New Prize for Young Illustrators: 

The aim of the award is to support the illustration work of young artists (under the age of 35), the special quality of whose work has yet to be acknowledged.

This annual award will be granted to one of the illustrators selected each year from the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition.

The award, a 30,000$ cash prize, will be assigned by an international jury of experts, which will meet in Bologna during the Fair. The winner will be announced at the Fair. In addition, the winner will be offered the opportunity to illustrate a children’s book, which will be published by Grupo SM and presented the following year at the fair. A special exhibition will also be organized to highlight the work of the winning artist."

    more here.


      from here.  mostly italian, not sure what it's all about but liked this.


      karen krings

      best "about me" i've ever seen.  it works better on her site as is bigger and easier to read and the photo on the bottom comes as a big surprise. 

      hm... must get more creative with personal internet marketing.  (from here.)

      listening to.

      (ignore video and just listen.  song by gordon lightfoot!)


      oh my god oh my god oh my god

      I know, I know, I've been m.i.a. in the world of men's clothing. And I'm not oh so thrilled about it. And I miss you! And I miss drawing and doing things with my hands. I do not miss the HOURS I spend procrastinating on the interwebs - but procrastinating going to bed just now has led me to discover this amazing secret room!
      From here.
      [also, read about where her name comes from! LOVE IT!]


      venn diagrams

      I just had lunch with Elly and was trying to remember this venn diagram that Keri Smith made that I really liked.  So, I immediately did a little search for it when I got home and came across these two that are kind of great, but not by Keri Smith.  (I think perhaps I just like the clarity of the venn diagram and also any use of the word hooray!  and also boy paradox of course does not include r and c.)

      and here's the one by keri smith:


      meaning of life

      I've been reading a lot of books from the library and also my own that have been sitting around waiting for me.
      Including Fernando Pessoa, who is a Portuguese poet that was mostly published posthumously. I am reading The Book of Disquiet.

      This is from there:

      Literature - which is art married to thought, and realization untainted by reality - seems to me the end towards which all human effort would have to strive, if we were truly human and not just a welling up of our animal self. To express something is to conserve its virtue and take away its terror. Fields are greener in their description than in their actual greenness. Flowers, if described with phrases that define them in the air of the imagination, will have colours with a durability not found in cellular life.
      What moves lives. What is said endures. There is nothing in life that's less real for having been well described. Small-minded critics point out that such-and-such poem, with its protracted cadences, in the end says merely that it's a nice day. But to say it's a nice day is difficult, and the nice day itself passes on. It's up to us to conserve the nice day in a wordy, florid memory, sprinkling new flowers and new stars over the fields and skies of the empty, fleeting outer world.

      End of quote.

      I think it applies to all art work.