I just emailed two girls who are finishing their MFA to ask how they were feeling. Feel like a total nerd. Am such a fan of this girl - Kristy Caldwell. Not sure if you remember me telling you about her, but she did this book There is No Picnic Without a Pickle, which I loved....


  1. Kristy wrote back and said all the things I hoped she would - loves it - best decision, etc etc. Yay! Spend the night trying to convince Katya that this was the right decision for me - which was actually a great exercise for me as well - as was convincing myself also.

  2. ugh, did you read that and understand what I was trying to say? Even after a cup of coffee still have such a muddled brain this morning.

  3. totally, i understand. so awesome to hear that she was happy to have gone to school, but even more awesome that you just wrote to her and asked! i also think her work is excellent.