about words

So, I've been playing around on Goodreads - purely to kill time in that way interwebs [I've been reading this word everywhere and while I am slightly embarrassed to be seduced by the cuteness of it - there it is] allows you to, and I came across this woman who writes really long reviews - insightful, thought provoking reviews. And I loved reading them. Thought you might enjoy. Here's one for Twilight [which I actually haven't read - but have been circling - ugh guilty pleasure]. But this one for The Little Red Fish is also pretty great.


  1. ohh, she's a clever reviewer, i like. also, is funny that you bring up twilight, new friend/teacher loves it and was encouraging me to read it. i think i might, especially after reading that review.

  2. Yeah, I watched the movie Twilight today and I think my curiosity is satisfied for now...