Books I read today

The Story Blanket - lovely illos by Elena Odriozola - (whom I can't seem to find much about, except is Spanish and has illustrated a lot of books in Spain) which kind of reminded me of your work.  Story is sweet but I'm not sure it would mean much to children.

And Keeper of Soles - with goofy, yet really good illustrations by Yayo.  (Also not finding much on him online.)  But the story is quite interesting - death comes to a cobbler's door to collect him and the cobbler tricks death into letting him live by making him shoes.  You should read it, it's quite good.

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  1. You know its funny, I've realized there are very distinct ways books look in other countries. There are a couple of Spanish illustrators I like and they have the same kind of look to their work:

    Am intrigued by these books! Thanks pooh.