day 2 report

shamefully, nothing done.
i did draw [as a distraction! which is so so ironic]


  1. how interesting! maybe you need to pretend the goal is to make a drawing and you'll be writing stories as procrastination instead? i swear, i have to spend so much mental energy just to get myself focused on something. i feel like i'm always playing tricks on my brain to keep myself in line.

  2. don't feel bad, there's always tomorrow!

  3. oh and here's a good quote from paula yoo's blog about it:
    "And as I have said repeatedly in every single blog... do not worry if you can't write 7 books in 7 days! Just try your best! The whole point is that this should help you overcome some procrastination habits, conquer your writer's block, and write fearlessly without worrying about making mistakes! Be bold, go crazy, and WRITE! There will be PLENTY of time to revise and polish your rough draft later. For now, have FUN!"