1st report

I did not finish my first story yesterday.
I got as far as figuring out who the story was about [monkey] and what it was about [adventure,] but then specifics of plot completely eluded me. [I guess I really should have been researching during the month of April.]
Will try better today.

And off to the races! [Did you know the derby was yesterday? I had completely forgotten until I kept running into people in nice hats on the subway.]

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  1. is ok not to finish i think. i mean, you can't really expect to come up with and finish a whole story in one day. i finished mine, but it's gonna need a whole lot of editing and will very likely have a totally different ending at some point. main thing is to have 7 potential books by end of the week.

    i don't really know what the derby is, big horse race i think? but i love hats, more people should wear them. sounds fun.

    ok, i'm off to make my collage now!